James Crable

James Crable’s “People and Architecture” series, presents urban man in relationship to a contemporary architectural environment. He creates complex and intriguing geometric designs, merging a series of photographs from the same location. Each individual unit shows different people moving into or out of the same architectural backdrop.

His background vehicles include sidewalks, doorways, stairways, walls, escalators, subways and telephone booths. Crable’s deceptively simple work embodies a number of technical and aesthetic variables. Trained as a painter, his collages address a variety of formal concerns. Regarding his novel approach, Crable writes, “Texture, color, scale and movement are the elements which I employ. Each work is meant to be viewed in its entirety as an overall pattern, with the eye free to wander in rapid scan, to pick out the geometric structure of the composition. Precise movement, muted color and variation are key factors in my work. The figures add excitement and color. They serve to echo the movements created by light and shadow changes in the architecture facades.”