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BrookArt Press is a small printing company whose main purpose is to promote established artists and photographers along with their works of art. In 1989, when BrookArt Press began, photography was still a limited market and, for many contemporary artists, a difficult medium in which to gain respect.   


BrookArt Press decided to select two photographers and two sculptors whose works were unique in the art world.  Publishing select artist’s images in small limited editions, along with strict contractual controls, and prohibiting any further editions of the image, we were able to expand the market and collector base for these artists substantially. Additionally through our staff's marketing efforts, we were able to place examples of their works in numerous books, professional magazines and other related publications throughout the world. BrookArt Press, through its affiliate company, J.J. Brookings Gallery, was able to arrange both domestic and international museum exhibitions.


We presently have inventory on the following artists:

James Crable

Ben Schonzeit

Lila Katzen

Lee Tribe


Mail: Drawer 1509, San Jose, California 95108. tel: 408.275.0111